Introduction to the Global Biodiversity Score : a tool to assess the biodiversity footprint of businesses and financial assets (présentation en anglais)

Can one metric sum up the biodiversity impact of economic activities? Can businesses set quantitative targets to reduce their impact on biodiversity as they do for climate (e.g. -30% biodiversity footprint by 2030)? How can financial institutions (FIs) assess their exposure to biodiversity impacts throughout their investment?

After five years of development CDC Biodiversité launched in May, 2020, its biodiversity footprint assessment tool: the Global Biodiversity Score (GBS), which seeks to address these questions and make it possible for companies or financial institutions to evaluate their impact on biodiversity. The GBS has been developed with the Businesses for Positive Biodiversity Club (B4B+), a group of about 10 financial institutions and 25 companies, benefiting from extensive road-testing.

CDC Biodiversité is organising a webinar to present the GBS. You can register for it via the following link. 

The agenda:

14:00 – 14:15: Welcome


  • Introduction to the Global Biodiversity Score
  • The MSA metric
  • General overview of the GBS
  • Default approach: assessing footprint with limited data
  • Refined approach: using data on pressures (e.g. land use change) and inventories (e.g. commodities purchased, emissions) to refined the assessment


  • Case Studies Presentation
  • Details about the evaluation process and GBS pricing

16:15-16:30: Q&A

Related publications:

  • Measuring the contributions of business and finance towards the post-2020 global biodiversity framework –  2019 technical update. Download.
  • Global Biodiversity Score: a tool to establish and measure corporate and financial commitments for biodiversity – 2018 technical update. Report describing the Global Biodiversity Score (GBS) publication at the end of 2018 (methodology under development until 2020). The GBS is a tool to assess the biodiversity footprint of businesses and financial institutions. Download.
  • Global Biodiversity Score: measuring a company’s biodiversity footprint: Report describing the Global Biodiversity Score (GBS) publication as of November 2017, in particular its « crop commodity tool » to assess the footprint of crops. Download.
  • Common ground in biodiversity footprint methodologies for the financial sector – CDC Biodiversité, ASN bank, ACTIAM, Finance in Motion: Working paper to move towards a common standard for biodiversity footprint for financial institutions; also relevant for non-financial businesses as most of the concepts and methodological steps are similar. Download.